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Week 3 30/06 - 06/07

Diphuti (1st stop in Limpopo) - Alldays (Last stop in Limpopo, AND South Africa)


Transversed Limpopo
First 90+km day (97km Diphuti - Tzaneen)
Eating as much as we could in KFC after cycling 91km before lunch


Diarrhoea and vomiting as a result of KFC (Pol)
Being shown a selection of kitchen knives in an outdoor shop when I asked for the chat on the knives (Pol) (pol subsequently bought the biggest baddest knife you have ever seen!)

Things we like


Downhill lorry signs

The Yellow line (stops lorries hittting you)

Creative furniture

Friendly logging lorries up steep hills

Artistic fruit vendors

Limpopo's flat roads

The Dedicotes

Limpopo's luscious Citrus fruits

Things we don't like

Cycle short tan lines

Limpopo drivers who think honking at cyclists substitutes avoiding them


Uphill lorry signs

The cat who ate almost all our bacon when we weren't looking in Diphuti

Hope you've all had a good week.

Posted by robandpol 03:42

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Hi Guys,
I hope Pol is feeling better. Alldays sounds like quite an adventure. Your parcel has arrived.
Best wishes
The Dedicoats

by robandpol

Hey guys! Looks amazing. Hope you're feeling better Polly. Also, can I say that the neatly arranged fruit looks brilliant! Did you pick one of the fruits at the bottom of the pile? Lots of love Zoe (and Mum and Dad) xxxxx

by Zoe


All looks awesome as ever. Pol! Your hair has gone - still looks nice though.

Still not remotely organised this end - the car is giving me a headached.

Soooooooory for the D and V.

You in Botswana now then?

Missing you in Mseleni


by Ben Hudson

Hi Rob and Polly. It was so uplifting to watch your website. Louwrens and I agreed last night that it is a blessing to it. The pictures and everything that you shares touches one's heart. You two carry an aura of blessing with you, like a candle being carried into a dark place - dark Africa. To us the Lords protection and blessing is so clearly upon you. May your light shine all the way home right through Africa. May you be a blessing to everyone you meet and be a Glory to Christ. We love you. Greetings from Louwrens, Cari, Marleen and hendrik. Pray for you dayly. Jeanne

Hi guys! Really felt God looking after us when he sent us a lift when we ran into some grumpy ele's

by Jeanne

Hi Rob and Pol

Hope you've totally recovered from the KFC binge. Would be a real pain to have d+V

Doing a class in the computer lab with my class of English students, so if you get a few comments you've never heard of before they'll be my students! Did a lesson on 'who do you admire?' as a lead-in. I think they were pretty gobsmacked by your escapades.

All's well here. School hols for kids and we've just had Rob's God-daughter who's 17 staying. David loved being played with all the time!!

He's now talking SO much and is very entertaining.

Go for it!!

Love Ria

by big sis

Looks so fantastic...! Lovely to have your answer phone message - lets coordinate a chat! Jon and Soph x

by John Hallett

This is amazing that travel on bicycle, it’s really an adventure, and I also want to travel like this.
This is amazing that travel on bicycle, it’s really an adventure, and I also want to travel like this.

by sampeter

Hey Rob and Pol. It looks like you're having a great time. God Bless you both and keep you safe.

We love you
Dave and Robynne

by Dave Robb

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