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Bombing along in Botswana

Land of enormous elephants and bulbous Baobabs

sunny 25 °C

Crossing the border into Botswana was an interesting affair. After negotiating the 30km of sandy track we were the 4th people at the border post which was a good thing as it took the border guy at least 40 mins to process us!

The Limpopo river forms the border between the 2 countries and we were suprised to find no bridge over it!


Luckily it hasn't rained for a month so shoes came off and we headed across - keeping a close look out for cros and potholes... Unfortunatley Rob saw a deep pothole too late, fell off the bike and almost lost the contents of his bar box!! Lucky our bags are waterproof!

On the Botswana side there was immediately evidence of elephants close by. We had been told that Botswana has a serious elephant problem with 130,000 too many. A huge cull had been organised but the "greenies" have paid the government E25 000 000 Euros not to shoot them. The eles are running riot and Botswana is rapidly turning from savannah to dessert.

We found our way to the campsite and it looked as if there had been a war in it - broken trees everywhere and very fresh ele prints..... then we saw them.


and made a hasty retreat!

We were shown to an alternative campsite (the active one) which did look elephant free and Rob was given a fishing rod to try and catch dinner.... so all was well.


However as soon as darkness came so did the elephants!

We had a very restless night stoking the camp fire every 2 hrs and listening to trumpeting elephants breaking trees on three sides of the tent!


Polly very happy by our precious fire after having survived the night!

The rest of Botswana has been flat flat flat, hot in the day and cold at night. Villages are scarce and campsites even scarcer.


Magnificent Baobabs break the monotony of the long straight roads.


Next stop is Vic Falls but to get there we have to traverse 300km of bad road with abundant elephants, occasional lion and no campsites...... watch our blog in about 5 days to see how it went....!

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No fair! I never saw any elephants when I was there despite waking up especially to look out of the window at 3am as the bus was passing through a particularly elephanty bit of road up towards kazungula ferry crossing. I can confirm it's also a particularly potholey bit of road too but bikes should hopefully be a bit more manouvreable than the big coach I was on.

Can confirm - plenty of elephants!

by martha

Hi! Shame about the missing pictures, it leaves too much to the imagination so can't wait to see them! Logged on just before going to bed last night and was so pleased to find news! I printed it off for dad who is very excited and all send love.
Hope you're not too scared of the great beasts!
I think it was lucky Rob fell in a pothole not a croc's mouth!
Is this comment the first? I hope not the worst! LOve you and miss you lots.
Cousin Christian is brunging his wife to meet us and camp in the woods tonight -can't arrange anything like your widlife for them however, but they may be disturbed by the calls of the large fox family we have at present. Go carefully, heaps of love xxx

by jean

G just came back from walking the dogs and said to tell he's thinking of you very much send love and says watch out for the elephants!

by jean

Hope you 2 is still ok. We here in Alldays keep an eye on your blog on a daily basis. Good luck

Hi pete.

often think of you guys in alldays.. wish you would shoot those eles in botswana!

by Pieter Smith

Your blog is very interesting I like it very much, this post is also very interesting, please upload pictures soon.


by sampeter

Now that we are back in NZ, can follow your itinerary quite easily on my computer. Congratulations on a magnificent journey. I shall watch with interest the coming weeks of your trip.


Hi guys. Hope you enjoyed your time in Mseleni... the pan stand you made us is the BEST piece of kit we have, especially as the petrol stove is very tempremental so we usually cook over fire. THANKYOU! we've only had to use the puncture repair kit 3 times! our tyres are bullet proof!

by John and Martie Gray

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