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The bikers go rafting!!

Seven conquer the Nile

Pol and Rob are currently sans internet somewhere near the Sudan Ethiopia border so this week's blog entry is reminiscing about a time with ample fun and water.

Pol, Rob, Ben, Beth, Vicci, Ben and Ronel peddled their bicycles around Uganda ending up at Jinja - "the adrenaline capital of East Africa". Jinja boasts "the source of the Nile" as it sits on the edge of Lake Victoria where the waters spill Northwards on their journey to Egypt via this, the Victoria Nile.

The tremendous Victoria Nile

The perfect number to fill a raft with one space left for our helm, Henry, the biker team could be spotted a mile off with their padded shorts and peculiar affinity for wearing a helmet!!

The team!!

The team!!

The day was perfect - clear skies and hot sun. Plenty of sun cream liberally applied - many times - as we acquainted ourselves with the water.

Water Baby - In DeNile

Water Baby - In DeNile

The team looked promising with strong arms and thighs and a fearless approach to danger.

Adrenaline Junkies!!

Adrenaline Junkies!!

But when they saw what was in store even the bikers began to tremble..

Not easily deterred they courageously paddled forth - to their peril....

No-one was spared as the boat dramatically flipped and several of the bikers were sucked down into the depths of the mighty river. It was very illuminating that in the chaos that followed it was the female contigent who remained clear sighted enough to haul themselves back into the correct raft!!

Survivors after the first capsize!!

Survivors after the first capsize!!

Plenty of fun was had by all with sunshine and laughter and lung-fulls of river water and the lads were left feeling a little bit weedy after posing next to Henry's pecs and biceps!!

The bikers go rafting

The bikers go rafting

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Hi Rob and Pol!

Your travels so far look amazing and we are suitably impressed you have done so much! The photos are brilliant. I particularly like the 'dead in bed pick'. I can only begin to imagine.. Am hoping to do the lands end Jon O'groats trip this summer which for you guys will be like a trip to the local corner shop!

It wil be great to have you back in the UK to hear about your adventures first hand.. the other bit of good news is Ely and I are getting married! The wedding is on Fri 23rd July at Compton Acre Gardens in Poole. I'm sure you have lots of people to see etc having only just got back to the UK but if you guys are able to come it would be fantastic!

Well good luck on the next stage of the adventure. Hopefully the number of little oiks you encounter will be outweighed by generous, interesting characters and we look forward to reading about ya escapades!

Love Jimbo and Ely xxx

by James Sloane

excellent.the movie makes it come alive

by dick liversedge

reminds me of fox glacier do you remember being stuck behind aboulder and the whole raft on its side waiting for its inmates to be sucked under never again skiing safer and better apple fritters

by dad

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